The Original Kate (lightgreendryad) wrote in bookwyrmmes,
The Original Kate

A Query on Trees and Their Appearance in Other Works

I set out this evening for find the perfect community to post my burning question to get maximum results. Congratulations; you belong to it, as do I (now). Thus, if anyone has any suggestions as to where else to post the following query (besides epicfantasy) for the best response possible, please comment.

I'm currently building plot line and world for a fantasy novel involving dryads and trees, specifically trees who have their own culture and language and who interact with humans for their own specific reasons as a species. I wonder how many other books out there in the vast collection of fantasy worlds contain cultures of trees and/or dryads, extensively developed or mentioned. I feel a need to know what's out there so I know what connections the readers might automatically make to other works. I'm aware of such commonly-known books like the Lord of the Rings series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the So You Want to Be A Wizard series; I ask to pull on a more extensive knowledge of fantasy worlds. As I am also a student with a goal, I'm not as well-read in my area of writing as I would like to be. That can't be helped at the moment, so I'm asking you. What say ye, bookwyrmmes?
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