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The Thirteenth House by Sharon Shinn

The Thirteenth House by Sharon Shinn: I absolutely LOVE Shinn's Angel series - I remember the day I found them, I snatched up ArchAngel, devoured it, and went back and bought all the rest immediately. The Thirteenth House is a sequel to Mystic and Rider. I don't have M&R anymore, but I vaguely remember liking it better than the 13th House. I think it is likely because I found Senneth deeper and more interesting than Kirra. And probably because I'm jealous that Kirra has men to choose from ;) Anyway, I thought Shinn did a really good job of handling the emotionally fraught subject of adultery. I especially appreciated the emotions toward the end of the book when all parties came face to face. I found some of Romar's declarations of love a little too teenager-esque for my taste, although I imagine younger readers will swoon. I felt Shinn did a GREAT job of keeping Kirra light hearted and somewhat immature without being irritating (completely different than Bishop's Lynnea). After reading Marillier's Black Mirror, I keenly felt the difference in depth of worlds. Even so, Shinn's book was a really fast paced, interesting novel that draws the reader in and holds them to the end. I would recommend first time Shinn readers start with the Angel series though :) 8/10 :)
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