tealslippers (tealslippers) wrote in bookwyrmmes,

New Review!

The Black Mirror by Juliet Marillier: Ok, first off, I'm biased because I have a soft spot in my heart for anything by Marillier. I think she's fabulous. I loved this book. A fully constructed world in terms of all aspects: social, political, spiritual, etc. I cared about every single character - all were given a depth and soul, amazing, considering how many there were. Lush descriptions, nuanced characterizations, deep motivations... fabulous. Bridei is a boy-becoming-man, full of the idealism, honour, and hope of youth - finding his way in a world of corruption and well-meant meddling. Tuala is a girl-woman who struggles valiantly in a world that rejects her. Marillier does an incredible job of exploring the dynamics of the liminal space in which Bridei's and Tuala's love exists - it is not recognized by the world, it cannot exist in the world, yet it is. The magic was subtle and felt real in its subtlety. I cannot wait to see where Marillier goes next with this series. 9.5/10
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